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  • housebreaking problems
  • manners
  • aggression
  • puppy problems
  • separation anxiety
  • jealousy
  • mouthiness
  • puppy biting 
  • shyness
  • destructive chewing
  • marking
  • jumping up
  • health concerns
  • barking
  • running away
  • escaping
  • runny eyes
  • excessive barking
  • nervousness
  • digging
  • poor coat
  • tail chasing
  • neurotic licking
  • fear induced aggression
  • territorial aggression
  • food aggression
  • old age
  • nutrition 

Does your dog seldom listen to you?

Are you embarrassed by your dog in public?

Have your neighbors commented on the nuisance you call a "pet"?

Does your dog destroy anything within it's reach?

Has your dogs' separation anxiety kept you at home and away from making plans?

Do you wonder why your dog isn't dropping holiday pounds despite all of your efforts?

Or maybe you just have a few questions while developing a happy, well-adjusted dog?

Simply take a few moments to fill out our questionnaire and your problems might be solved thru our "ask Rhonda" program

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